Mens Leather Jackets

  • Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Vents and Armour in Australia


    Torque Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Vents and Armour

    The Torque Leather Motorcycle Jacket is made from 100% 1.1 - 1.3mm black buffalo leather. It is durable, comfortable and safe for the biker. This jacket is packed with detail and your Mum will love the safety features!!! Features: 6 Vents (2...

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  • Brando Retro Motorcycle Jacket


    Brando Black Motorcycle Jacket with Armour & Vents

    This Brando Motorcycle Jacket combines timeless aesthetics with outstanding protection for your adventurous rides. Meticulously crafted from 100% 1.1-1.3mm black leather, this jacket offers an ideal blend of strength and softness, ensuring both...

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  • Brando Classic Motorcycle Jacket with Armour & Vents


    Brando Classic Motorcycle Jacket with Armour & Vents

    Our Brando Classic Motorcycle Jacket designed with many useful features. This jacket is made from 100% 1.1-1.3mm black leather, strong and yet super soft and comfortable. The jacket comes with a removable quilted black polyester liner for added...

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  • Frontier Dark Brown Vintage Leather Cafe Motorcycle Jacket


    Frontier Dark Brown Vintage Leather Cafe Motorcycle Jacket

    This Leather Motorcycle Jacket has a distressed finish for that vintage worn in look. It is made from 100% 1.0 - 1.2mm dark brown leather that is durable and safe. Distressed colours give a "weathered look", producing an appearance of age...

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  • Brando Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket


    Classic Leather Motorcycle Brando Jacket

    Rev up your riding experience with our Classic Brando Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket, meticulously crafted from 100% Soft 1.1-1.3mm drum-dyed cowhide leather, ensuring both superior comfort and exceptional style. The quilted black polyester liner adds...

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Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Men

Searching for the perfect leather motorcycle jacket for when you’re riding your mean machine? If you’re looking for old school looks, modern cuts and a range of different colours and sizes, then the search is over. There’s no one more passionate than Rhino Leather about creating the highest quality motorcycle jackets for men who love to ride. With a range of different styles, whether you favour the classic brando, vintage or minimalist racer look, Rhino Leather delivers. Browse our full store today and find the perfect leather motorcycke jackets Australia.

Want a modern style leather motorcycle jacket with all the added features? Then Rhino Leather is the perfect place for you! We provide our customers with the right leather jackets for men to suit their needs, no matter what sort of motorcycle they ride. With extra large styles available and worldwide shipping options, Rhino Leather is the perfect online store for all men. Shop our incredible range of leather jackets and find the perfect piece today!


1. What are the different types of men's motorcycle leather jackets available?

There are various types of men's motorcycle leather jackets available, including classic cruiser jackets, sporty racer jackets, stylish bomber jackets, and protective adventure jackets. Other options include vintage-style jackets, distressed jackets, hoodies and jackets with armor for added protection.

2. How should I choose the right size for my men's motorcycle leather jacket?

To choose the right size for your men's motorcycle leather jacket, take your measurements and consult the manufacturer's size chart. Consider the fit you prefer, whether you want a snug or relaxed fit, and the type of clothing you plan to wear underneath the jacket.

3. Can I wear a men's motorcycle leather jacket in different weather conditions?

Yes, you can wear a men's motorcycle leather jacket in different weather conditions. Leather jackets provide warmth in cold weather and protection from wind and rain. Some jackets come with removable liners for added versatility, while others are designed for warm weather with perforations or mesh panels. Also look out for jackets that have zippered vents for additional airflow in the warmer weather.

4. Can I wear a men's motorcycle leather jacket for formal occasions?

It depends on the style of the men's motorcycle leather jacket and the level of formality required. Some jackets, such as bomber or racer styles, can be dressed up with a shirt and tie, while others are more casual. Consider the dress code and overall aesthetic of the event before wearing a leather jacket.

5. Is a leather jacket good for winter?

Yes, a leather jacket can be good for winter. Leather is naturally insulating and can provide warmth in cold weather. Look for jackets with thick, high-quality leather and additional features like fur or wool linings to maximize warmth. Layering underneath can also help you stay comfortable in colder temperatures.

6. What to look for when buying a leather motorcycle jacket?

When buying a leather motorcycle jacket, consider the fit, the quality of the leather, and the jacket's protective features. Look for jackets with reinforced seams, armor or padding, and ventilation. Choose a style that matches your riding needs and personal preferences, and consider the manufacturer's warranty and customer reviews.

7. Are leather bike jackets waterproof?

Most leather bike jackets are not waterproof, as leather is naturally porous and can absorb water. However, some manufacturers offer jackets with waterproof coatings or liners to help keep you dry in wet conditions. Look for jackets with features like taped seams and waterproof zippers for added protection.

8. What temperature is a leather jacket suitable for?

The temperature at which a leather jacket is suitable depends on factors such as the thickness of the leather, the jacket's features, and personal preferences. Leather jackets can provide warmth in cooler temperatures and can be comfortable in mild weather. Some jackets also have removable liners and zippered air vents for added versatility.

9. Should motorcycle leather jackets be tight or loose?

A motorcycle leather jacket should fit snugly but not be too tight. A proper fit should allow you to move your arms and shoulders freely and comfortably. Look for jackets with adjustable straps or zippers to customize the fit, and consider the type of clothing you plan to wear underneath.