Club Rhino - Discounts for MC Clubs

Club Rhino - Motorcycle Clubs Discount Program

We have a Discount program that provides benefits to members of Motorcycle Clubs. If you are an officer of a motorcycle club, we would like to invite your club to join our Rhino club program to enjoy benefits such as:

  • A 7.5% discount for all your club’s members (via members purchase on our website)
  • Sponsorship and promotion of Club Charity events
  • Custom Club vest and clothing at discount 

There are no club membership fees: the only thing you need to do is to complete our club program application form (below), accept the terms and conditions such as promote our website on yours and enjoy! Once application is approved we will provide a unique discount code for your members.

If you are not an officer of your club but want to enjoy these benefits perhaps you can get them to apply on behalf of the Club