10 Essential Features to Look for in High Quality Motorcycle Pants

10 Essential Features to Look for in High Quality Motorcycle Pants

15th Jun 2024

Riding isn’t just about the journey. It's about the thrill, the freedom, and the satisfaction it gives from wherever those two wheels have brought you. But riders know that the right gear can make for a safe and comfortable ride, or an uncomfortable and risky one. Motorcycle pants play a crucial role in safety gear. Combining comfort and protection is key for keeping those pins happy.

Material Quality and Durability

There is no question about what materials should be used in your motorcycle pants. It is non-negotiable. Materials should withstand abrasions, impacts and harsh road conditions that get thrown your way. Leather is well known for its great abrasion resistance but for those that prefer a more casual look and feel, there are more advanced textile pants with Cordura and Kevlar. These materials are designed to endure harsh riding conditions and last for years. Outstanding for durability and comfort.

Armor and Padding

Legs need to be in top form for riding. They control the bike and without them, there can be no riding. They are so exposed out on the road, so armour and padding are absolutely essential in motorcycle pants. In a crash, knees and hips will most likely impact so armour should be in the knees and hips and be CE approved rated. Motorcycle pants that have removable armour are also a great asset so not only can you wash the pants, but you can also custom the pants with whatever armour you prefer.

Saving your legs can also save your way of life.

Weather Resistance

Mother nature certainly has her days. When she hits us with a sudden storm or burns our skin with lashing winds, she is up there laughing down on us. But let's beat her at her own game with motorcycle pants that can deal with her beatings. Pants should offer weather resistance materials such as mesh and textile which protect against wind and dirt and have great airflow. Cordura, Nylon and Polyester which are highly durable and lighter than leather, or Kevlar and Aramid which is strong and resistant against cuts and abrasions. For the colder climate, thermal liners or insulation can change that ride for a warmer and more comfortable one.

So whatever weather you are caught in, give Mother Nature that last laugh.

Fit and Comfort

Comfort is king for long rides. Poor fitting pants just ruin the whole day, on and off the bike. Luckily, great motorcycle pants come with features that can help in the comfort of your pants. Features such as leg cuffs, ergonomic fit, stretch panels and waistbands. Also, the fitting of motorcycle pants should allow you to move in full range of motion without being too tight or too loose. All these small features can really make them feel like a custom fit......and like you have left the house with no pants on.

Safety Certifications

Safety is the number one priority for anyone at any time. Look for motorcycle pants that have been tested and certified by recognized safety standards such as CE (Conformité Européenne) certification. This certification ensures the pants have undergone rigorous testing for impact and abrasion resistance. Trustworthy certifications give you the confidence that your gear will perform when it matters most, making it an essential factor in your buying decision.

Visibility and Reflective Elements

The most common reason car drivers have when they have impacted with a motorcyclist- “I didn't see them’’ Reflective elements can enhance your visibility and at night, headlights of other road users reflecting off your clothing will alert others of your presence.

Don't be their reason.

Convenience Features

Motorcycle pants can prevent serious harm to your legs, but they should also be practical and convenient. Features such as removable liners or integrated belt connection zippers can be fantastic. But the best practical feature is pockets. Zippered pockets are a great feature to put your small items for a quick ride. And for those longer rides, Cargo pants have many pockets for that extra storage. Long rides are made to escape extra baggage, so why bring it with you.

Style and Aesthetics

Whether you prefer old school leathers or rugged cargos, there are stylish options for any type of rider. Sleek, vintage, modern.... find your style because motorcycles are for people that have a bit of an edge and don't want to be a follower. You do your own thing, and you will feel as good as you look riding that steel horse.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining quality motorcycle pants and keeping them in top condition means they will last longer and be with you for more rides. Good motorcycle pants to invest in are made of materials that resist dirt and wear. Also having high quality stitching with durable zippers is a great asset in pants. For leathers, cleaning and conditioning around 4-6 months. For textile pants, this can include handwashing or simple machine wash- always read the label first. But remember, remove the armour before washing. These can all help in keeping that great gear for longer.

About Some Products 

Here are some great pants that RhinoLeather has to offer:

Mens Black Cotton Motorcycle Cargo Pants reinforced with protective aramid lining

1: Dixon Pant: For those that want comfort and storage. Includes stretch panels for improved movement, double stitching with heavy duty materials plus more. Also available in Tan colour. No rush to take these pants off even after you jumped off the bike.

Mens Blue Motorcycle Jeans with Aramid Protective lining

2: Guardian Black or Blue: Jeans are so versatile and motorcycle jeans are no exception. Double stitched to avoid slippage, Heavy Duty Denim with a relaxed ergonomic fit for a comfortable ride.

3: Klegs: Breathable, and made with Dupont Kevlar, a long john that can be worn under any pant to keep you warmer on those chilly rides.

Motorcycle Protective Leggings made protective aramid fibres


Material quality, safety features and comfort make for an awesome pair of motorcycle pants. Investing in quality pants will be worth every kilometer you ride.