Tips on Buying Motorcycle Gloves

Tips on Buying Motorcycle Gloves

28th Nov 2013

Now, before you go about buying motorcycle gloves, here's what you need to consider:

Comfort: At the very least, you need to ensure that a motorcycle glove should be the right size. Fit like a glove is an old saying for a very good reason, as wrong sized gloves will always prove to be a headache. Big gloves will wrap around the bar, while if they're too tight it means you'll have the inability to flex your fingers.

Construction: Most gloves are almost, always made up of leather or very strong nylon. Leather will protect your palms during a fall, and will protects them from burns. Gloves must also have reinforcements such as extra padding, on the palms and knuckles.

Lining and Insulation: Did you know you could buy glove liners separately? Yep, some gloves allow you to take out the lining and dunk it in your washing machine to work out the grime. This can be beneficial, especially after a long ride. As the wind is something every rider needs to tackle, your glove's lining will influence the temperature of your hands since wind has a habit of getting into your gloves through the fingertips. Good lining will keep your hands warm especially on those early winter mornings.

Now that you know more about motorcycle gloves, why not take a look at our wide selection.