Stay Cool on the Road: Our Top 5 Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Stay Cool on the Road: Our Top 5 Summer Motorcycle Gloves

29th Jun 2024

Ahh those Summer rides, the hot days when all you need is a shirt and the road, when beach parking is a breeze, and those perfect warm evenings when the sun is down, and the vibe is up. Summer can be a great time to ride but the promises of summer fun can all come to a screaming halt when your gear is uncomfortable and be as annoying as the sweat dripping down your eyelids.

Having the right gloves can really make a difference in your summer riding. Gloves that keep you cool, protected, look stylish but still have safety features with comfort and breathability are a sure way to enjoy that ride.

Importance of Breathability in Summer Motorcycle Gloves

When the sun is blazing and the asphalt is melting beneath you, sweaty hands are just the one thing you don't want bugging you.

Breathability is crucial in any summer glove as it allows air to circulate and moisture to escape. Without this, a rider can compromise their grip and control.

Whatever riding style or wherever your destination, well-ventilated gloves in hot summer temperatures can make all the difference.

Materials Used in Summer Motorcycle Gloves and Their Benefits

The best summer gloves are those that use materials which offer protection and breathability. Here are 3 main materials:

Leather: Durable with excellent abrasion resistance. A perforated leather glove is a fantastic option for hard summer riding.

Textile: Materials like mesh or Cordura offer premium airflow and flexibility. These materials make for light weight and quick drying gloves.

Hybrid: Combining textile and leather equals protection and breathability. Best of both worlds!

Discuss Protective Features

Staying cool on hot riding days is essential but protection is still the top priority. Main protective features in motorcycle summer gloves are:

Knuckle Guards: Hard or soft guards shield from impacts.

Palm Slider: The underestimated palm slider reduces the risk of injury during slides.

Wrist Closure: A proper secure closure can prevent the glove from sliding off in case of a fall. Having the correct closure also makes for more comfortable riding.

Noone wants to come off their steel horse, but that one time the gloves come off, Murphys Law swoops in. Keeping your body safe and free from dents is what makes it possible to jump back on the horse again. Safety is no compromise.

Comfort and Fit

A glove that doesn't fit well can really be a drag. It's not just about the size, it's the comfort and design that play a huge part. These can make a huge impact on comfort and fit:

  • Pre-Curved Fingers: These reduce fatigue by mimicking the natural shape of your hands.
  • Adjustable Straps: Customizable fit around the wrist and cuffs ensures the gloves stay snug and secure.
  • Soft Linings: Materials like microfiber or foam can add a layer of comfort without causing your hands to overheat.

The right fit can enhance your control and make your ride much more enjoyable.

Style and Aesthetics

Style matters and choosing gloves that reflect your personal style can make you feel confident and at ease. From classic style to a bolder look, there are gloves out there for everyone.

  • Color Schemes: Any colour schemes can make you more visible and add flair.
  • Design Elements: Unique designs, stitching, and logos add personality.
  • Matching Gear: Coordinating your gloves with your bike or other gear can really top off your look.

Whether you hate or love attention, there are gloves to match any personality.

Best Summer Gloves at RhinoLeather

Now, let’s dive into our top  summer motorcycle gloves that will suit all needs.

Lynx Summer Touchscreen Leather & Textile Motorcycle Gloves 1: LYNX - Combines breathable mesh with a leather palm, knuckle protection and touchscreen capabilities. The perfect summer glove to keep you cool

Bandit Brown Perforated Short Wrist Leather Motorcycle Glove

2:  BANDIT - Perforated leather venting, adjustable wrist, pre curved fingers and a brown look to top off a unique look.

Venum Lightweight Vegan Motorcycle Gloves with knuckle protection

3:  VENUM - Air mesh material, well ventilated, knuckle and finger protection plus more. This lightweight beauty is heavy with additions but light on the hand.

ProSport Touchscreen Perforated Short Wrist Leather Motorcycle Glove

4:  PROSPORT – Perforated leather, expansion gussets for flexibility, knuckle armour, secure wrist closure and touchscreen capability. This glove is the boss of summer riding.


Summer gloves shouldn't just keep you cool, they provide protection with comfort and style. Cruise with confidence and comfortability with the right gloves.