Rhinoleather: Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Rhinoleather: Valentine's Day Gift Idea

14th Feb 2022

Excited about this Heart’s day? Valentine's Day starts today, and it would be fantastic to give someone you care about a thoughtful gift or an outfit that you and your riding buddy/partner would wear on February 14th.

However, there are several motorcycle accessories and clothing options to pick from. Don't worry, we'll guide you in selecting the perfect Valentine's Day gift. We've compiled a selection of motorcycle jackets, vests, gloves, and accessories that would make an excellent Valentine's Day present.

Here's a collection of leather jackets, denim/suede vests, shot-cuff & gauntlet gloves you'll enjoy as a gift this valentine’s day.

A perfect gift for a night date ride with style is these 2 brando style jackets. 

A men’s premium black leather motorcycle jacket with armour and vents. With its sleek and comfy style, this men's jacket will undoubtedly provide a gentlemen appearance ideal for a date ride with someone you care about.

The next item is a Women's Brando Style Textile jacket, which is an ideal gift for women because of its Elasticated waist, which will definitely flaunt the curves and fit nicely.

Now that we've finished with jackets, the best accessory to match with jackets to complete the look is gloves. These gloves will undoubtedly complete the cafe racer gentlemen and lady-like image for Valentine's Day.

The leather textile motorcycle gloves, or Lynx, are a great pair of gloves that give a perfect combination of style, comfort, and protection, making someone appear like James Bond from No Time To Die Movie.

The fingerless Carbon Knuckle Leather Gloves are another pair of gloves that a loved one will undoubtedly want as a gift or wear this Valentine's Day. Its carbon knuckle characteristic gives it a somewhat frayed yet gentlemanly appearance.

Done with the cafe racer gentleman style, the next set of pairs is perfect for a long weekend drive at Yengo or Blue Mountains National Park with a loved one or a date.

With its brown/tan suede colour and cow head leather, this brown suede leather vest will make someone appear like Jason Mamao riding his big bike on the Gold Coast.

The cotton motorcycle cargo pants, with their casual design ideal for a suede leather vest, will undoubtedly complete that outfit.

The Mila Brown Leather vest teamed with ladies black leather shorts with blue embroidery is another combo that would make an excellent gift for a woman. This set will have your loved ones looking as hot and gorgeous as Angelina Jolie on her Triumph Street Triple.

Not decided yet? This might help you! We at Rhinoleather will be launching a 2 weeks Valentine’s Sale starting this 12th up until the 28th of February. To know more about the sale and see more products click the button below.

Everything is in place; we hope our guidance assists you in picking what present to offer this Valentine's Day. The main thing to remember is that going out of your way to purchase someone a present or go the additional mile is already a nice gesture to offer your loved ones this Valentine's Day.