How to Accessorise Your Motorcycle Vest

How to Accessorise Your Motorcycle Vest

23rd Jun 2015

Have you read our ultimate guide for buying a motorcycle vest?

Did it help you find the right vest? Are you here because you’re looking to accessorise it?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a quick guide for you.

A lot of factors come into play when you’re enhancing the appearance and functionality of your motorcycle vest. Colour, fit and style are just some of the things you need to look into.

That said, here’s how to accessorise your motorcycle vest.

First, check how the vest fits

Does it comfortably hug your upper body, or is it a little loose? Figuring this out early on will help you select the right accessories and decide how they should be put on your vest.

When it comes to adding colour, your options are practically limitless

For many bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts, attaching bolo cords is also a great way to add colourful visual interest. We have plenty of options with various colour schemes and sizes for you to choose from, and all of them are leather and are well-woven and durable. Just remove the existing side lacing and replace it with range of over 20 colourful bolo cords. See entire range at

Personalising your vest will depend entirely on your tastes and preferences

The go-to options for most people are studs and patches. A lot of enthusiasts also add spikes to up the style factor.

Installing studs is simple and you can place them anywhere you like. Once you’ve figured out the pattern you want, use tweezers to put holes on the vest so you can insert the studs. Then, grip them with a pair of needle nose pliers and lock them in place. You’ll find this easy if your vest is made of leather. If it’s denim, forcing a stud through the fabric might rip it, so be extra careful.

Putting patches is a bit trickier

There are limitless number of patches to personalize your vest and range from rockers, funny, positive and club related. Most patches require sewing so, you have to do some thinking before deciding where they should go. There is no universal rule for this and you can place patches anywhere on the front and sides of your vest. But if you’re looking to get into a motorcycle club or already belong to one, you must know that most MCs follow strict rules on patch placement. It’s always best to clarify before adding a prominent feature.

If you want to change both the appearance and the size of your vest, using vest extenders is a great idea. Thesewill expand the opening of the vest so you can wear it over your jacket or make it fit if you have put on a bit of weight!. Using them will also improve ventilation, so you can stay cool on the warmest days. Check out the vest extender range here (

Your motorcycle vest gives a strong individual statement are likely to keep for long time. So when it comes to accessorising it, it helps to be smart and practical. Don’t go overboard, and let our simple tips guide you.

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