Buying Motorcycle Pants the Practical Way

Buying Motorcycle Pants the Practical Way

26th Nov 2013

When it comes to buying pants as part of your motorcycle gear, making a choice is not easy. Basically, there are three kinds of materials that motorcycle pants are made from - leather, denim and synthetic textile. Besides the price aspect, you need to factor in many other things before zeroing in on one of the three. To begin with, the design of the waist of your motorcycle pant. Which of the three options you would prefer - belt, suspenders or velcro? Then, would you want your pants to be water proof? And with knee sliders? How about extra pockets? As you can see, there are many factors to consider.

There are four general categories of motorcycle pants, so you need to select, accordingly:

  1.     Street/Racing Motorcycle Pants
  2.     Touring Motorcycle Pants
  3.     Cruiser/Casual Motorcycle Pants
  4.     Dirt Riding Motorcycle Pants

Types of Motorcycle Pants


Leather is a durable and flexible, and pants made of it come with many benefits. Leather pants are water and fire resistant too. It will save the rider from abrasion and protect the biker’s skin from scratches and flying road debris. Leather is also long-lasting, and when treated properly, your leather pants will keep be with you and keep you safe and comfortable for many years.

Synthetic pants

Basic motorcycle pants are made of synthetics such as nylon, polyester and even Kevlar. Advantage being that these materials are lighter and more flexible, as they resist mildew and are easy to wash. However in the situation of rain, you will need to pull on rain gear over your pants.

Pants made entirely of Kevlar can prevent road rash on these abrasion-prone areas.

Denim motorcycle pants

Many riders get a little conscious and would rather wear pants that look like any other and not like motorcycle pants. So denim pants are good for this situation, as they're made to look, feel and perform like denim jeans and are very comfortable.

In closing, always remember that no motorcycle pants can protect your body in the way Kevlar can. And for this reason it's crucial that a rider needs has armour and/or padding in strategic locations or impact zones on his/her body.

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