9 Important Things for Your Motorcycle Trips

9 Important Things for Your Motorcycle Trips

19th Mar 2015

Travelling around the country on your motorcycle is one of best ways to experience freedom on the road. You get to ride openly and marvel on the picturesque views of the countryside. Well, it practically provides you the liberty where to go, when to stop, and what to do. And of course, it is a great adventure! However, to ensure that everything goes accordingly, you should take time to properly plan and prepare.

If you are planning for a motorcycle trip, whether alone or with your fellow riders, here is a list of important things that you should bring:

1. Rain Gear

This is probably the most important thing that you need to bring on your motorcycle trip, especially during the colder months. Remember that you’ll be riding in the open and you are vulnerable to the elements. While you can make a stop if it rains, it is only possible if there are shelters available. However, if you have a rain gear with you, you can continue riding without getting wet. Just make sure to watch your speed as the road can get very slippery.

2. Tool Kit

You’ll never know when a breakdown happens on the road – worst thing is, it may happen in a remote area. But don’t worry as it is a part of the life of a rider. You’ll just need to be prepared to do the necessary repairs when needed. And of course, you should have the tools for the job. Bring with you a lightweight box containing a set of basic repair tools for motorcycles.

3. Tyre Puncture Repair Kit

Similar to having a breakdown, expect to have your tyre punctured by road debris. It pays to bring with you a tyre puncture repair kit so you can be back on the road in no time. In addition, you should bring a canister of compressed gas or a portable tyre pump so you can inflate your tyre back whenever needed.

4. Hydration Pack

While travelling in the open, your body loses fluid rapidly with all that sweat evaporating. Add in the heat factor of the sun and you’ll have a perfect recipe for dehydration. Thus, you need to make sure that you are replenishing all that body water lost. If it’s inconvenient for you to bring along a water bottle, you can opt for a hydration pack that can easily be tucked inside a backpack. Choose the one that comes with a plastic hose to your mouth for easy access.

5. Hands-Free or Wireless Headset

Bring with you a hands-free headset in order to easily use your phone for communication without having to risk safety. With it, you can focus yourself on driving your motorcycle while talking to a friend or a relative on the phone. You may pick a wireless or Bluetooth one to get rid of the tangling cable.

6. Extra Cash

While it is best to use a credit card when you’re out and about, it would still be important to bring extra cash on your wallet. You may need to buy something important that cannot be purchase with a card.

7. Flashlight

If a breakdown happens, you may find yourself driving at night to cover the travel distance you’ve lost. And if you are indeed very unlucky by having another breakdown at night, you’ll find yourself fixing your motorcycle in pitch black.Thus, it pays to bring a flashlight - a small one would be perfect.

8. Battery Pack or Portable Charger

Of course, when you are travelling, you’ll be bringing with you your phone and other gadgets. Before you know it, these gizmos may get out of juice by the time you’ll need them. This is true to a smartphone especially if you’ll use it as a map and a GPS device. To make sure that you are able to use them when needed, bring with you a spare battery pack or better yet a portable charger.

9. Spare Motorcycle Gear

Make sure that you pack with you spare gear and clothing such as an extra pair of riding pants, leather jacket, and a pair of motorcycle gloves. Do this especially if you are travelling for long distances and for a couple of days. If by any chance that the ones you are wearing get damaged or wet, you’ll have some extras to wear.

There are lots of unexpected things that may happen on your motorcycle trip. Of course, this is part of the joy of travelling free. However, by bringing the right tools and gear, you’ll be able to be prepared on almost any situation.

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