10 Action Heroes Wearing Motorcycle Leather Jackets

10 Action Heroes Wearing Motorcycle Leather Jackets

15th Sep 2015

There are certain things that make action heroes completely badass. It’s a combination of swagger, strength, power to think clearly at gunpoint and most importantly, the ability to deliver a well-timed punch.

But other than their strong affinity for danger, what do they all have in common in terms of wardrobe sensibilities? Two words: leather jackets.

Whether it’s on screen at a high-speed chase or off-screen having an intimate dinner with their main squeeze, you’ll see that most action heroes always have a go-to leather jacket handy.

For first time buyers, the challenge lies in choosing the right kind. There are so many choices out there when it comes to leather jackets. To make it easier, we’ve prepared the ultimate guide to leather jackets for you with a hero overlay.

  1. Hugh Jackman solidified his action star symbol by bringing to life one of the most sought after marvel character Wolverine. Here he is on the road with his  TORQUE classic.


  2. Chris Hemsworth is one of the many modern day low profile actors. But when he signed the movie contract to play Thor, it became increasingly difficult to imagine him without that power-filled hammer. Here he is running day-to-day errandswitha sporty  leather jacket REACTOR.


  3. Liam Neeson takes matters into his own hands when it comes to rescuing his daughter in Taken. His COASTER adds depth and a cool factor to his character.


  4. Jason Statham is just as easy on the eyes in a vintage caféracer (FRONTIER) leather jacket as he is in a tailored suit in Transporter.


  5. Ewan McGregor has played numerous iconic characters including Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars. In real life, he is a serial motorcyclist. When he’s not occupied with saving the Jedi’s with a laser beam, he’s off on long road trips donning his Leather Motorcycle Jacket.


  6. Tom Cruise is his own stuntman in every movie. He came to the Hollywood scene and starred as Maverick in Top Gun and has never looked back since. Here he is out and about in a  MISANO jacket with vents and armour.


  7. Who can forget the abs-stacular Gerard Butler in 300? He’s often seen around town and even on the red carpet sporting his  FRONTIER.


  8. Only Harrison Ford, eternally popular for his role as Indiana Jones,can rock a reactor motorcycle leather jacket on a bicycle.


  9. Henry Cavill. Superman. Enough said.


  10. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the all-time leather ambassador. In his long journey as Terminator, he has virtually worn every type of leather jacket there is. And you know he means it when he says, the same thing he has been saying since 1984: “I’ll be back.”


We hope you enjoyed our list. Who else do you think should be on this list? Send us your comments and suggestions.

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