How to Choose a Leather Motorcycle Jacket

How to Choose a Leather Motorcycle Jacket

15th Oct 2015

When it’s negative digits cold outside or warm enough to heat food, as a rider, the decision to go out always comes with a jacket. There are those that you walk up on the street that somehow manages to look great in aleather jacket. They do it so well that it actually looks as smart as a well cut suit. How is this possible?

Some of us (mainly blokes) struggle or get fed up with buying clothes. If you have shoulders that are 42, chest a 39 and waist a 44– leather is the last thing you would expect to fit well.

To start, there are a few different classic designs ofleather jackets.Along with the obvious choice in colour between brown and black. Know which suits you best or the one you’re more comfortable with. If you always wear black and you’re not a fan of brown leather in general or vice versa, then it’s an easy choice. There is now expanded range of distressed Black/Brown jackets and vests.

Fits Like A Glove

Now we’re at the most important section of this post. How should a leather jacket fit?

In short, you want something that would fit snugly around your shoulders and arms and come in around your waist. The arms have to be a bit longer so when you have it extended out to the handlebars it does not leave gap between gloves and sleeve.

When you put it on, you should feel as if it’s hugging to your body shape. When you buy your jacket, give a little thought as to what you will wear under it. If you are likely to wear jumpers under your jacket you may want to opt for a slightly larger size. Don’t go too big, otherwise you’ll have enough leather hanging off of you for a pair ofshoes, which is not the look we want to aim for. You have to make sure that you can move your arms around, don’t get something so tight you can’t pick up a beer bottle from the counter

Classic Biker Leather Jackets

This is a must have for every cruiser rider. Marlon Brando made it famous and then rock and roll types made it a legend.. Brando Biker jackets usually feature lots of zippers and belt at bottom for a snug fit. The jacket wraps around the body and suits the bigger guys and make them look slimmer!

Racer Leather Jackets

Racer jackets have been done in so many different ways. They’re more relaxed and suited for casual wear and if you have armour for motorcycle riding as well.. A racer jacket will feature a strap around the neck. If you want to have this on full speed while riding on your Harley, it’s going to look world class.

Mesh Motorbike Jacket

This is one of our personal favourites.. This is the jacket that is light and perfect for summer months. Good for long rides or quick run out to the shops..A mesh jacket with armour for protection and benefit of leather where it counts. It definitely has style along with function.


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