The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Between Fingerless and Full Length Gloves

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Between Fingerless and Full Length Gloves

Posted by Luana Grimes on 6th Apr 2023

It’s hot, it’s sticky and your hands are so sweaty people would think you just shoved your hands in the dog’s drinking bowl. Try sliding those full fingered gloves on now, it isn't going to happen, well, not with a mass amount of push and shove. You would have more luck helping to get a calf out of a virgin cow.

So now it's cold, damn cold. You just want a quick 10-minute ride to clear the webs out of the pipes and out of your head, so you grab the fingerless gloves. 2 minutes into the ride and you are already thinking of the best way home that has the least number of lights and turns so you don’t have to use the brake because, well, it just hurts, and you physically cannot feel the lever.

Which is best and is there a glove that works for both?

Pros and Cons of Full Fingered Gloves


  • Protection: Full-fingered gloves provide better protection for your hands and fingers from the elements, road debris, and impact in case of a crash or accident.
  • Grip and control: Full-fingered gloves offer better grip and control of the motorcycle's controls, especially in wet or slippery conditions.
  • Comfort: Full-fingered gloves offer better insulation, keeping your hands warm and dry in cold or wet weather conditions.


  • Limited sense and touch: Full-fingered gloves can limit the sense and touch of your fingers, making it harder to manipulate buttons, switches, or zippers on your motorcycle gear or equipment.
  • Reduced tactile feedback: The additional layer of material in full-fingered gloves can reduce the tactile feedback you get through your fingertips, which can affect your ability to feel the bike's vibrations or road conditions.
  • Less ventilation: Full-fingered gloves may trap heat and moisture inside, making your hands sweaty and uncomfortable, especially in hot weather.

Pros and Cons of Fingerless Gloves


  • Increased sense and touch: Fingerless gloves allow for greater finger movement and flexibility, which can make it easier to manipulate the motorcycle's controls and perform tasks that require more precision.
  • Better ventilation: Fingerless gloves provide more airflow around the hands, keeping them cooler and more comfortable in warm weather conditions.
  • Stylish: Fingerless gloves have a distinct style that some riders prefer, and they can add to the overall look of your riding gear.


  • Less protection: Fingerless gloves offer less protection for your fingers and hands than full-fingered gloves, leaving them vulnerable to impact, abrasion, and road debris in case of an accident or fall.
  • Reduced grip: Fingerless gloves may not provide as much grip on the handlebars, especially in wet or slippery conditions, which can increase the risk of accidents.
  • Sunburn: If you're not careful, wearing fingerless gloves can leave the top of your hands exposed to the sun, increasing the risk of sunburn.

So, you have read a few pros and cons, but is there a glove that can handle both? At least kind of?

At Rhino Leather, we do supply some gloves that aren't too heavy on the hand but still have maximum protection.

Our most popular is the ProSport: A Short Wrist Leather Motorcycle Glove that has a secure wrist closure and knuckle protection. They are perforated so not only do they feel lighter on the hand, but comfortable the whole ride. They also have the sneaky Touchscreen on the index finger and thumb, so instead of pulling over and having to take those gloves off when that pesky person is calling, swiping right (or left) has never been easier.

Lynx: Perfect for those warm summer days, these half leather half textile gloves obtain comfort, airflow and protection. Also included is knuckle protection and touchscreen. With secure Velcro closure and breathable mesh backhand, you can't go past these gloves if you don’t like wearing gloves.

Venum Vegan Gloves: Don’t like leather? Made from air mesh and spandex meaning this glove is nothing but well ventilated. Knuckle protection with reinforced microfibre provides impact and abrasion resistance. Seriously light on the hand but heavy with comfort.

Rock: These genuine leather gloves are the perfect accessory for your motorcycle. The carbon fiber protective shell offers protection, while the anti slip pads on the palm provide better control. The velcro adjustable wrist close tab ensures that your gloves are always in place, and soft and comfortable tabs make them easy to remove!

Chaos: These gloves are made from premium leather—cowhide for durability, breathability, and longevity—and feature perforated backs for airflow so your hands stay nice and cool even when you ride for hours on end. The full leather palms feature padded gel to cushion your grip and absorb shock from impact. And our finger pullers make removing them a breeze when you need to take them off quickly or put them back on over other layers of clothing.

So, you have read Pros and Cons and seen what motorcycle gloves RhinoLeather can offer but everyone has their own preference, if we didn’t it would be a very boring planet. But whatever your preference, RhinoLeather has short, long and the in-between. So check us out and you may find the perfect glove just for you.