Motorcycle Routes: Sydney to Bells Line Road

Motorcycle Routes: Sydney to Bells Line Road

Posted by Janette on 20th Nov 2015

Day Drives - Sydney to Bells Line Road (North)

Distance: 94 km

Estimated Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

There is no doubt that people living in Sydney would say we have the best city in Australia. Famous landmarks dotted all over our city and also beautiful landscapes as you head out of the hustle and bustle. This is the first part of a series of suggested day rides you can do out of Sydney.

Why Bikers Love It

For the first part of this series, we have decided to take you up north. A ride to the mountains comes with spectacular views.

Bells Line is a long-time favourite among motorcyclists. It’s a good mix of tight and open road. Located within Blue Mountains featuring the vast Australian bushes and cliffs, it’s a welcome respite from the constant bustling city mood that is Sydney. Following the foothills of old Kurrajong to Lithgow, the road brims with rich history. Iit was named after the explorer Archibald Bell Junior who, at the age of nineteen, walked the same path to Blue Mountains 192 years ago. During World War II, it was drawn out as an important evacuation route should the Great Western Highway fall.

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Though the speed limit has been brought down recently, the road remains sleek to drive on.A driving distance from Sydney to the north, most bikers prefer this route over the Great Western Highway as it affords less traffic. Road conditions are perfect with a couple of what most bikers fondly call as “sweepers” and “twisties” along the way. Fewer towns and trucks pass through here as well. A major setback that most bikers agree on when taking this route would be the fog. Because of its elevation, avoid the temptation to go full speed when conditions are not great. Keep an eye out for the sharp corners. Experienced motorcyclists admit that the downward slopes are quite tricky if you’re not careful. It becomes even more challenging when wet. With summer drawing near, now is the best time to plan a short trip down this road. When the weather is dry and sunny, the visibility is not at all limited.  

How to Get There


Photo Credit: Expressway Paulrands

Bell’s Line Road starts at the Richmond Bridge. From Sydney, you’ll be taking the north-western route passing by known landmarks starting with Macquarie Park then on to Windsor towards the outskirts of North Richmond. Travelling within the speed limit, it will be a relaxing drive winding through picturesque orchards, quaint towns and of course over the Hawkesbury River . Referring to the map provided, you’ll be travelling mainly on route B59. After which, you’ll be ascending towards Bell Bird Hill. You’ll know you’re there by the sound of tinkling from birds which is really popular in the area. Then on to Kurrajong Heights where you won’t miss the spectacular overlooking spread of Sydney.

Where to eat and other places of interest

It’s a popular tourist drive so finding places of interest will be easy. When looking for a quick bite, most bikers are partial to the Kurrajong Pub (Kurrajong Heights Hotel - 1349 Bells Line of Road, Kurrajong Heights NSW 2758). A hefty plate of nachos can go with a refreshing drink for around $10-$15. Enough to fill you up for the drive back.

kurrajong heights pub map.jpgkurrajong heights pub.JPG

Photo Credit: Damriders Warragamba

If you’ve got plenty of time, drive a bit further to Bilpin and you’ll come across the Fruit Bowl which is a well-known stop for refreshments. But if you’re in the mood for something other than the usual by the road shacks, we recommend a visit to Tutti Fruitti Café. It’s a quaint establishment that consistently receives good reviews from customers. Visitors can’t stop raving about their home cooked pies and icecreams. And after spending hours on the road, you’ll be tempted to spread out on their grassy seating area. It’s been called a “great spot for driver-reviver” break. Their homemade quiche and stews with ingredients sourced locally are a few bestsellers you can start off with. There’s also the Mount Tomah Botanic Garden about 12 km west of Bilpin if you would like to rest your eyes on all things leafy and green. If you find that you need more time to recuperate, we recommend spending the night at Bilpin Spring Lodge It has a “lovely farm stay” feature to it that customers usually come back to. With warm and friendly staff and a “very generous breakfast”. It’s been called as one of the “best getaway” within driving distance from Sydney.

Written by: Janette, Club Rhino Ambassador

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