Summer Cool to Winter Warmth: Choosing Motorbike Gloves Season by Season

Summer Cool to Winter Warmth: Choosing Motorbike Gloves Season by Season

25th Feb 2024

Welcome fearless riders! As rebels on wheels, you understand that bike gear is not just a necessity, but it can also be a statement of who you are. Gloves are the unsung heroes that shield your hands from elements and provide a grip to great travels. Join us for a journey of gloves selections for all the weathers of this master world.

Understanding Seasonal Challenges

Every biker, whether fair weathered or all weather, knows that each season poses its own set of challenges. From the blistering heat that makes your palms sweat to the icy winds that numb your fingers, the elements are your constant opponent. But not to worry, we shall guide you through the jungle of seasonal discomforts with the perfect choice of gloves.

Summer Riding Essentials

The temperature has risen and the need for the open road has never been greater. Leather gloves that can breathe, have ventilation to keep your hands cool all while still being comfortable are the way to go. Look for full fingered gloves with perforations, such as the ProSport perforation glove with Touchscreen capability, ensuring optimal airflow.

in the battle with the heat without losing style and protection.

Healy Motorcycle long cuff all season glove - Carbon Armour Knuckles

Transitioning into Autumn

Summer starts fading and the mornings become chilly with the evenings not too far off. Gloves that are perfect for this transition period have both breathability and insulation. Gloves that are not completely insulated yet have a lining to keep you covered for the cooler moments, such as the Healy Glove, are fantastic for covering your bases. 

Dominating the Winter Months

The dedicated bikers out there will know the sting of the cold winter months but push through it like a warrior. Winter gloves should have insulation as a priority. Opt for full fingered gloves with thermal lining. Leather gloves not only make a statement, but they can also shield against the bitter cold.

Typhoon waterproof leather and nylon motorcycle glove

Springtime Riding

The cold starts to fade, and the warmth starts to reach your desire to hit the road. Spring can bring unpredictable weather so you will be looking for gloves that are water resistant for that random sun shower or sudden storm and still acquire breathability for warm days. A great solution is the Typhoon Gloves.

A great Springtime option that can face The Good, The bad and The Ugly.

Sigma Premium Leather Motorcycle Touch Screen Gloves with Knuckle Protection

Multi-Seasonal Gloves

For those that ride all year round, multi-seasonal gloves are what you would reach for. They are versatile and can tackle various weather conditions such as the Sigma Multi-Season glove. Light on the hand yet have full coverage and full protection. Another option is to add thermal liner inside gloves when needed.

Tips for Choosing the Right Size

The right fitting glove is crucial to your riding experience. Gloves should be snug but not too constricting. Consulting sizing charts and checking other reviews can help to find the right fitting gloves. Comfort should not be sacrificed for skill. After all, they are your second skin.

Maintenance and Care

Regularly cleaning and conditioning leather gloves can preserve their durability and style. Waterproofing treatments can also aid in maintaining the length of their life.

Treat them with respect and they will serve you faithfully.

User Reviews and Recommendations

The motorcycle community, whether its brotherhood, sisterhood or lone wolf can help in your choice of glove. Check out their experiences and challenges with types of gloves.

Wisdom is only useful when shared.


The roads are a way of escaping this territory of harsh demands. Riding is a way to run with your own rules and the choice of gloves will be part of how you show your true rebellious self.

The scorching heat to the freezing cold, gloves are your second skin not only protect you, but empower your true self.

Ride on fearless riders.