• Roubaix Premium Liner Gloves


    Roubaix Premium Liner Gloves

    The Thermolite® gloves, manufactured with lightweight and soft fleece fabric that feels comfortable against the skin.Its a highly adaptable glove, perfect to be worn on its own riding on cool spring and autumn days (cycling NOT motorbike!), can be...

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Get the right kind of gloves for biking in the summer heat. RhinoLeather has a variety of summer weather gloves. RhinoLeather provides the highest quality motorcycle gloves, ranging from gloves providing knuckle protection, soft & comfortable gloves, and more! Ride in comfort and safety with RhinoLeather summer gloves.


1. What materials are used to make summer motorcycle gloves?

Summer motorcycle gloves are usually made from lightweight and breathable materials such as mesh, textile, and perforated leather to keep hands cool and comfortable during hot weather. Some are made with leather and will have a thinner lining to keep the hands cooler.

2. Are summer motorcycle gloves durable enough for long-term use?

Yes, summer motorcycle gloves are designed to be durable and withstand long-term use.

3. Can I wear summer motorcycle gloves in wet weather conditions?

Summer motorcycle gloves are not typically waterproof, so they may not be the best option for wet weather conditions. Please check the product descriptions for each item for more details about each glove

4. Can I use summer motorcycle gloves for other activities besides riding?

Yes, summer motorcycle gloves can be used for other activities such as hiking, cycling, and outdoor sports.

5. Do summer motorcycle gloves provide adequate protection for the hands?

While summer motorcycle gloves may not provide the same level of protection as winter gloves, they still offer impact resistance and abrasion protection for the hands. Please check the product descriptions for each item for more details about each glove

6. Are there any special care instructions I need to follow to keep my summer motorcycle gloves in good condition?

To keep your summer motorcycle gloves in good condition, it's important to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer, which may include hand washing, air drying, and avoiding exposure to direct sunlight or heat sources.