Winter Riding Tips for Motorcycles

Winter Riding Tips for Motorcycles

Posted by Yuhan Reporter on 14th Jul 2014

Thankfully this winter hasn’t been too wet and dreary, and here in Sydney we’ve been blessed with more sun that we would usually expect. The cold however hasn’t gone anywhere, and being a typical winter we can expect nothing to change on that front. Knowing what to wear and learning ways to get rid of that chill when riding change your ride from a cold unenjoyable experience to a pleasant relaxing ride. With new materials and apparel constantly being released, you no longer have to be afraid of winter and can now ride comfortably all year round.

Here we’ve listed some tips and tricks for you to stay warm and dry this winter when riding

Wind in = Heat out

  • Ensure your gear is wind proof, as the quickest way to lose body heat is through jackets that allow wind to enter and let the heat escape. If your jacket is allowing this to happen, purchase a jacket that doesn’t so that you don’t have to ride in the chill during cold days and nights. Always remember to strap up all vents and openings in your jackets and pants. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of the road and realising you’ve left a vent open! Check out some of our waterproof textile jackets here.

Stay warm and dry

  • The simplest way to stay dry and warm in winter is to wear raingear. Raingear will work as a wind stopper, not letting your body heat to escape, while also keeping you dry from the rain. Why not look at our Raingear kit here. Also available are our boot covers (gaiters), which will also keep your boots out of the rain. No one enjoys a wet boot and soaked socks and once your boot is wet it can take days to dry. So ensure no rain enters your boots and keep your it dry from the elements with boot covers. Check out our gaiters here

Cotton while Riding - Australia says NO.

  • Remember that cotton and riding go together like Justin Bieber and Harleys, it just doesn’t work. So when you see rain clouds coming in thick, ditch the cotton quick. Nothing is worse than riding in the rain and having soggy cotton sticking to your body like a leech, so be sure to leave all cotton wear at home before you head out.

Don't forget your undergarments

  • Obviously if you’ve left your undergarments at home, that doesn’t mean you’re appropriately dressed to get on a bike and ride out! You should purchase a set of synthetic undergarments which are able to worn under your gear. Examples of these base layers are compression wear that is usually worn for sports, such as soccer, footy and AFL. However, in the case of long rides and staying warm this is a very viable option and definitely something to look in to! Keeping your core warm is crucial in the fight against winter and staying warm for long periods of time. Thus compression gear is a great way of doing this, as it keeps you warm while also letting your skin breathe.

Eating ice-cream will warm me up?

  • Most wouldn’t believe it, but eating is actually a great way of generating heat, and there are certain foods that increase the heat more so than others. It may go against every fibre in your body, but the fat content in ice cream actually makes your body warmer. It’s been shown that eating foods that contain more fat, protein and carbohydrates heat the body while digesting food, as your body provides energy to digest the food. Also consider options such as, root vegetables, whole grain cereals, fresh and dried fruits and herbs and spices.

So make sure you take note of these tips during this winter, to ensure your next ride is more comfortable than your last! 

Safe riding Rhinos. 

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