Understanding the Differences Between Leather Biker Jacket for Fashion vs Protection on Motorcycle

Understanding the Differences Between Leather Biker Jacket for Fashion vs Protection on Motorcycle

20th May 2020

When it comes to Australian biker leather jackets, we are literally spoiled for choice. However, simply because of he large number of options available, we often fail to make the right decision.

Take the case of differentiating between biker leather jackets that are meant for motorcycle riders and regular fashionable pieces. Most of us might think any biker looking leather jacket that should offer protection but making the wrong decision could prove deadly. A Leather motorcycle jacket needs to protect you if you come off at 100Km/h and slide on road after all! There are a lot of different feature that must be taken into consideration when it comes to the deciding between the two. Today, we're going to take a look at these features that separate leather fashion jackets from motorcycle leather jackets. Let's get started.

Type of Leather Material

The first thing that needs to be considered when buying a leather jacket is the material. Leather jackets for fashion wear tend to be made of lighter leather such as goat or lambskin. Jackets that are meant to be worn on motorbikes have to be tougher. That's why, for them, usually cow or buffalo hide is used. Since leather from these sources are usually thick and tough, they're best suited for use in motorcycle wear.

Thickness and Softness of Leather

The next point that you need to consider while buying genuine motorcycle leather jackets is the thickness of material. Biker jackets usually undergo greater wear and tear due to the abrasive wind action and protection in case of fall. That's why they need to be tougher and thicker than traditional fashion jackets.

Usually it's estimated that a biker jacket must have a leather thickness of at least 1.1cm. Fashionable leather jackets on the other hand, are made of lighter and more supple leather. This is essential to ensure that they can be given the desired cuts and designs.

Provision For Protection

Fashion jackets are primarily designed with the intention of making you look good. While that's a commendable goal, it doesn't do much to protect you from biking injuries. Leather motorcycle jackets, on the other hand, have provisions for inserting armor plates. These help to protect the sensitive regions of your body from excessive damage in case of an accident.

What's more, leather biker jackets also help you survive falls. This is something that's essential in a leather jacket for all riders.

Final Thoughts

So, which one is the leather jacket for you? Rhino leather has a huge collection of motorcycle jackets in leathertextile and denium. They will make sure you not only look good but protect you while riding your bike. You are sure to find something online that suits.