Fuel Saving Tips for Your Motorcycle Trips

Fuel Saving Tips for Your Motorcycle Trips

22nd Apr 2015

Fuel efficiency for your motorcycle may seem to be less important for the fact that most motorbikes don’t really consume much fuel compared to cars. However, saving fuel may be very helpful. It will allow you to not only save money and time but also helps reduce your carbon footprint. All it takes is for you to change some of your riding habits and you’ll be able to maximise the amount of petrol you’ll use on your usual routes.

There are lots of fuel-saving tricks out there. Some are crazy and dangerous, like turning off engine while on downhills or carrying speed when cornering. To make things easier for you and to avoid doing those risky stuff, we have gathered some of the proven fuel-saving tips below:

1. Skip the Engine Warm-up Warming up the engine of your motorcycle for a couple of minutes may be a part of your riding ritual. But this step may not be very necessary. According to motorcycle experts, moist fuel-injected engines nowadays are ready to ride upon starting. Thus, the warm up routine may not be necessary and only causes you to consume fuel without any purpose.

2. Avoid Aggressive Driving Aggressive driving does not only increase the probability of an accident. Constant unnecessary acceleration and hasty braking also causes your engine to consume more fuel. Just obey traffic rules and maintain a constant speed throughout your ride and you’ll be able to ensure fuel efficiency.

3. Choose Your Route Wisely Your route is also a factor that can affect overall fuel efficiency. As much as possible, choose to ride on freeways or motorways that enable you to maintain constant speed. Avoid inner roads or high-traffic routes that can cause you to decelerate and accelerate repeatedly.

4. Keep Your Engine Clean You should maintain the cleanliness of your engine inside and out. Make it a habit to change its oil and filters following the suggested schedule stated on the owner’s manual. Having a clean engine ensures that it functions at its best and therefore also ensures that fuel is burnt properly and efficiently.

5. Maintain Proper Tyre Pressure See to it that your tyres are inflated at the right PSI. It is best to follow what are indicated on the side wall of the tyres or the motorbike’s owner’s manual. Doing so will not only help you maximise mileage, but also improve handling, reduce tyre wear, and ensure safety.

6. Minimise Your Load As much as possible, avoid bringing unnecessary load when riding. Pack smartly and bring only those that you need especially when riding during long trips; like rain gear, hydration pack, tool kit and spare motorcycle gear ( leather jacket, riding pants or extra pair of motorcycle gloves). Take note that increased weight is one of the factors that can cause your motorcycle to consume more fuel.

Minimise your fuel consumption is indeed a good habit to practice. However, take note that road safety should be your priority. Thus, you should avoid those fuel-saving techniques that may put you on risk. Only follow the safe and proven tips that we have provided for you. 

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