Difference Between Motorcycle Clothing for Men & Women

Difference Between Motorcycle Clothing for Men & Women

15th Dec 2014

It is a known fact that men and women are different especially in fashion. It is not on the clothes they wear but it is how fashion defines them, and the major differences between men’s and women’s fashion are style and purpose which extents to Motorcycle clothing as well.

According to a Wharton research, women are happy to meander through sprawling clothing and accessory collections or detour through the shoe department. For many shopping is a past time not a means to an outcome.. For men, shopping is a mission and the product needs to fit the purpose. They are out to buy a targeted item and flee the store as quickly as possible as soon as they find the right product. In the age of online shopping, the statistics on men vs women in fashion remains the same. According to a survey by consultancy group Empathica, men tend to stick to their mission when shopping online, while women expand the undertaking by wandering among products and categories.

The characteristics between men’s and women’s clothing are vastly different in terms of cut, style and pattern. You will definitely see the difference when it comes to motorcycle gear. Jackets, for example, are different for men and women. Women’s jackets are more defined in the waist,bust and hip area while men’s jackets are more straight-cut. Sleeves are shorter and wider in women’s jacket compared to men’s jackets. Women’s jackets have more designs compared to men’s jackets. Although there are also plain jackets in women, many are designed with stylish or sporty colors and adorned with various frills.. Click here for more information on Motorcycle Jackets.

Another motorcycle gear men and women have are vests. There are a lot of different designs and materials used when it comes to vests for both men and women. Some vests are buttoned up while some are closed with zippers. Some vests have collars while some don’t. Others have embedded designs and stud buttons. What differentiates the men’s vests from their women counterparts are the cut and style, just like motorcycle jackets. Click here for more more information on Motorcycle vests.

Motorcycle pants are also different between men and women. Men’s pants are cut straightforward and wider, as men prefer to have a little leg room. Women’s pants, on the other hand, are oftentimes tight-fitting to accentuate the hip, bottom and leg area. There are also women’s pants than can be rolled-up or styled to accommodate those who wear high-heels. Men’s pants are very simple compared to some stylish women’s pants. Click here for more information on Motorcycle Pants.

Going down further, motorcycle boots are completely different for men and women. Aside from the size, women’s boots have higher heels. Most boots for men have shorter length, while some women’s boots are longer it can reach below the knee. While men buy boots for comfort, many women buy boots for their style, color and design.

You may ask, “ Is there any way that men and women can be the same when it comes to motorcycle gear?

The answer is “ Yes, absolutely.” Gloves and several motorcycle accessories are the same for men and women. Examples of these accessories are bags, balaclavas, bolo cords, wallets, leather caps, extender chains, vest extenders and motorcycle boot covers.

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