5 Practical Tips Long Motorcycle Trips

5 Practical Tips Long Motorcycle Trips

21st Apr 2015

Travelling on your motorcycle during weekend holidays is truly exciting. Riding on the open highways offers an inherent sense of freedom that can’t be experienced when riding other modes of transportation. However, some practical limitations will require you to plan ahead of time. But don’t worry! As long as you know what to prioritise, you can easily plan for your trip. Here are some helpful tips to follow:

1. Pack Light & Pack Wise

Of course, there is limited space for luggage on your cruiser. At most, you will only have a pair of saddle bags and a top box at the back. You may bring an additional backpack but it should be comfortable to carry. Thus, make sure that you will only pack things necessary for your trip. This can be done by piling all the things that you want to carry in a single area. Then, remove those that are not essential for your trip before you pack. Also, bring only enough clothes for the whole trip.

2. Plan for Your Refuelling & Rest Stops 

After deciding on your destination, take a map and scan your chosen route. You should know where and when to make stops for refuelling especially if you are travelling for long distances. Additionally, plan your rest stops or overnight stays. Remember that  it is dangerous to drive while you are tired. Be aware of the resting places or accommodations along the way so you can easily do a stopover should you need a break.

3. Set Rules on Distance Coverage 

If you are travelling a great distance on a span of several days, make sure that you set rules on the daily distance that you want to cover. Try to limit yourself to 250 kilometres a day. This will give you the chance to enjoy your ride and watch the sceneries. Also, don’t forget to consider your refuelling and stopovers.

4.Check the Weather

Another practical limitation of travelling on a motorbike is you are exposed to the elements. Unlike cars, you don’t have a roof that can protect you from rain. Thus, it is important to be updated on the weather a week or so before your trip. Don’t hesitate to change your plans if the forecasts aren’t good enough.

5. Check Your Bike and Safety Gear

Your safety relies on the condition of your bike and the safety gear that you wear. Thus, make sure to check your motorcycle thoroughly a week or two before your planned trip. If there are repairs required, see to it that they are carried out correctly. Also, take a look at your safety gear – including your helmet, boots or motorcycle shoes – ensuring that they are in good shape. Consider buying a pair of  motorcycle pants and a leather jacket or a leather vest that offers comfort and protection.

Preparing sufficiently is important to have a hassle-free motorcycle trip. However, avoid over-planning everything. Remember that the journey should be enjoyed as it is. As long as you have your motorbike, you should be open to changing your plans along the way. Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead, just ride free wherever you go.

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