• men's leather jackets
    Leather motorcycle jackets have been around for decades. Although primarily worn for protection, the styles have been subject to popular culture. In keeping with classic styles, the latest designs have been updated to meet the modern riders needs. Leather jackets designed for protective use on bikes are thicker and heavier and most of the jackets from Rhinoleather are even equipped with removable armor.
  • women's leather jackets
    As the number of women riders increases, the womens motorcycle jacket has been transformed from pink and purple jackets with butterfly and heart motifs to become stylish and sleek. Jackets are now cut with the female shape in mind with great styling and fashionable looks and of course the same safety and performance requirements motorcycle riders require.
  • men's textile jackets
    A good textile motorcycle jacket is extremely versatile. It can be quickly worn for those shorter trips or for riders who prefer something lighter to the traditional leather jackets. When choosing the best textile jacket, keep in mind the seasons you will be riding in and the level of protection required. At Rhinoleather, we care about your protection so checkout our textile jackets with armour and lined with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber.