Why Leather is Considered the Best Material for Motorcycle Jackets and Vests?

Why Leather is Considered the Best Material for Motorcycle Jackets and Vests?

11th Dec 2014

Leather is a raw material created by tanning the skin or rawhide of animals. This process strengthens the hide, making it durable and flexible while preventing it from decomposing. The different techniques of producing leather and the various types of skin used yields a great range of leather types and styles with varying quality. The most common styles of leather used for motorcycle clothing is either Cow or buffalo ride.

While there are different types of materials used in motorcycle clothes, leather stands out of the rest - most notably for jackets and vests. In fact, it became synonymous to the motorcycling world. In fact, leather is the first thing that’ll cross your mind when you’ll be thinking about motorcycle apparel, right?

But why is it that leather, according to many, is the best materials for motorcycle clothing? Here are the top reasons:

Offers Great Protection As a rider, protecting your body is vital not only from the elements but also from possible injuries. When you are riding a motorcycle, even how expert you are in handling your machine, there is always that chance you’ll fall. According to the Motorcycle Crash Data 2006-2010 provided by Motorcycle Council of NSW Inc., “Approximately two and half thousand motorcycle crashes are reported each year in NSW. They represent 6% of all road crashes, but account for 15% of all deaths and 10% of all injuries on NSW roads.” This data suggests that you need to be properly geared for safety when riding your motorcycle. Well, in addition to wearing a helmet, a pair of boots, and a pair of sturdy pants, you’ll need proper protection for your torso. And because leather is very tough compared to other types of fabrics, it is ideal to wear a jacket or vest made of it. It will protect your upper body from cuts and grazes that may be caused by an accident.


Leather is one of the most durable types of natural fabrics. If it is well tanned, it can achieve a level of durability wherein it would be difficult to tear or puncture through the material using conventional methods. Well, this means creating clothing out of it would be more difficult than usual. However, the finished product would surely be sturdy enough to meet the demands of everyday use. This means motorcycle jackets made from thick quality leather are indeed tough.


Although it is not as flexible as soft fabrics and it’s a tough material, leather after a few wears becomes soft and supple and mold to rides unique body shape... Moreover, leather can be processed to yield various finishes – including smooth, buffed, matte suede, rough and scuffed (vintage look) – further expanding its flexibility in terms of style.

Comfort Factor

As leather is truly tough and sturdy, it will make you think that it is difficult to wear and it would be rough to your body. Well, actually, wearing it is a different story. Motorcycle jackets and vests made from leather are very comfortable to wear. In fact, it even fits well compared to other types of fabrics, especially those made of synthetic materials.

Suitability for All Weathers

Unlike driving a car, riding a motorcycle enables you to experience the open air, much like a free bird. However, you are also exposed to the elements. Harsh weather, like extreme heat during summer or cold air and rain or even snow during winter, will surely make riding a difficult thing to do. Well, the truth is, it depends on what you wear.And this is another reason why leather is the best material for a rider’s clothing.This material is suitable for any type of weather. It has the ability to easily absorb and release perspiration, allowing the clothing to “breathe” – which makes it cooler during hot days and warmer during cold days. It also water resistant, making it perfect for sudden rain but do dry the jacket as soon as possible for maximum wear.

Long Life Span

Many clothing experts say that with proper care and maintenance, leather pieces such as vests and jackets can last for a lifetime. Also, it is has a natural tendency to repel liquids and resist staining. While these are true, it really depends on the quality of the leather. As mentioned above, quality is determined on the technique used in producing the material. Motorcycle clothing made from high-quality pure animal hide can be expensive but they will surely last more years than that produced using conventional fabrics especially if looked after with regular conditioning.

Well, the list of advantages we mentioned above clearly tells us that leather indeed is the best material for motorcycle clothing. It offers long lasting comfort, style, flexibility and protection. So, if you are planning on buying a vest or a jacket, make sure to pick high-quality premium leather like the ones we offer here at Rhino Leather.

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