Aussie Bikers Share What They Love About Riding

Aussie Bikers Share What They Love About Riding

21st Nov 2014

Rhino Leather launches #LETSRIDE

Aussie motorcycle clothing brand, RhinoLeather, recently conducted a survey of their customers to understand what is that they love about riding their motorcycle. Was it the sheer thrill of it, the chance to break away from the humdrum of life, or was it the camaraderie that it promised?

They asked riders to complete the phrase "I Ride, because...."

The response was overwhelming but the one common thread through all the replies was that riding, more than any other passion in life, offered connection between mates, something rarely found elsewhere in life. It’s just not the leather jacket, the tattoos or the wind breezing through your hair (though these things do matter), but the fact that it gives the biker companionship of fellow riders which coincidentally was in line with RhinoLeather’s own philosophy - Love The Life, Love the Mateship.

RhinoLeather created a WordCloud to sum up the 300+ responses:

RhinoLeather said the results had prompted them to launch #LETSRIDE hashtag so motorcycle riders can share their stories of the open road amongst each other.

What follows are some of the responses to the "I Ride, because...." campaign.

"...because only a biker knows why a dog sticks its head out the window. It’s better in the wind."

"Isolated freedom of riding in the elements without distraction like radio, phone and people."

"Presence. Riding allows me to be in the moment, feel alive and simply be."

"I love the thrill I get every time I get on my bike - whether I'm off to work, to get a bottle of milk and out for a ride. I feel like an individual making a choice that is more exposed than a car but far more gratifying. There is also the ability to bypass traffic and the advantage of lower fuel costs to a car and the freedom of leaving when I wish and not being tied to a bus or train timetable."

"When I need to unwind, I don’t need a destination in mind. Just ride."

"Of the freedom & we love the lifestyle that goes with it."

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If you have something exciting to share with the motorcycle riding community – Please use the HashTag #LETSRIDE. (Remember don’t tweet while riding!)