BIKE HUD: A Rider’s Google Glass

Keep your heads up and eyes on the road.

These words are what we often hear when we ride motorcycles or drive any other vehicle for that matter. Safety is and should be the number one priority. This is the primary reason why Dave Vout, managing director of Motorcycle Information System Technologies (MIST), created  Bike HUD, an innovative heads up display connected to a biker’s helmet. It displays a motorcycle’s speed, gear, time and engine revs on a mini-monitor dashboard which the driver can see without leaving their eyes on the road. It also features a GPS system and temperature sensor.

This bike technology is customised to  fit the needs of every rider. It comes with an on-board computer unit, a handlebar mounted case for the rider to scroll and navigate through different information and a heads-up display unit.

Here is a video clip of how BikeHUD works on a rider’s view. 

As you can see, the colors change depending on the rider’s speed. It is white when the speed is at 31mph or below and becomes blue when it reaches above 31mph. This provides convenience to motorists as they will be able to see the change in color out of the corner of their eye, without having to look down at the speedometer in front of them.

Motorbike Riders Safety

This technology may not seem important to motorbike riders as they use open face helmets and they do not join in races or tracks. Nevertheless, motorbike riders still has to think of the security Bike HUD provides. It prevents you from irritating distractions that comes with motorbike riding.

You never have to keep your eyes off the road to check on your speedometer since you can see it out of the corner of your eye. Bike HUD also comes with a GPS system and various route options that lets you navigate more easily. Let us know what you think, Would you consider buying this?


This is one technology many motorcycle riders should consider for their safety and convenience. It seems like can be a technology investment worth the money.

Compared to other technologies, you don’t need to buy a new helmet as the Bike HUD fits most if not all helmets available in the market, whether open faced, full face or off road. Bike HUD may not be the most perfect technology in the market, but it is definitely a tool every motorcycle rider should consider.